What is Ethical Marketing?

To me at least, ethical marketing is two different things.

It is marketing that does not negatively impact on the world around it, and it is marketing that does not attempt to take advantage of vulnerable members of society for nothing more than financial gain.

Social responsibility comes first. Whether that is to future generations that will live on this planet after we are gone, or to those people who share the world with us right now it does not matter.  My work is guided by a strict ethical framework, which allows me not only to sleep well at night, but to rest assured that I am leaving the world a better place than I found it.

I specialise in working for charities, not for profits, and social enterprises. Though I am happy to work with companies looking to reduce their impact on the world and improve their corporate ethics. My primary focus is content creation, I am first and foremost a writer. However I have lots of experience planning, filming, and editing video content. Whether you are looking to insitgate an effective inbound strategy, improve your search engine optimization, or simply want to raise awareness of your brand then I can help.

Because an ethical focus often impacts on the budget available for projects I will always endeavour to work within the limits your finances dictate. If the work is truly deserving then I am happy to offer significant discounts, and even pro-bono work.

If you have a project you wish to discuss with me then please get in touch.



What is Ethical Marketing?

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