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Based in Liphook, Hampshire, Martin has been providing a service to computer users in the area for a number of years.

Whatever the problem is, the chances are that Martin can help, from setting up new computers and internet routers, through to installing anti-virus software and fixing broken machines. If something isn't working the way it used to, or the way you think it should then Martin is the man to talk to.

He will come to you so you don't have to disconnect and try to move everything, and he doesn't charge a call out fee. Simply a fixed hourly rate regardless of the type of problem

If your computer is running slowly, displaying odd web-pages, behaving strangely, or isn't working at all give Martin a ring on 07533 364953.

Computer Health-Check

Computer Health Check

If your computer is older than 12 months then it will not be operating at its full potential. If you want to keep it running at close to its optimum speed and efficiency then it needs to be looked after on a regular basis.

Martin's 10 point Computer health check will speed up the processor, reclaim wasted space on your hard drive, ensure all your programs and operating system files are up to date and that you are properly protected against spyware and viruses.

Depending on the age of your computer you should perform a full health check a minimum of every 12 months. Give Martin a ring now and get yours booked in.

Virus and Spyware Removal

Virus Removal

Has your computer started behaving strangely? Odd windows opening or are you being redirected to web-pages you never wanted to open?

It's surprisingly easy to unwittingly infect your computer with some form of malicious software. Viruses, trojans, and spyware can all take over your copmuter and stop you from being able to use it properly. As if this wasn't bad enough they can also give cyber-criminals access to your personal details, including your financial details.

It's rarely too late to recover the situation, if you think your computer might have become compromised by malicious software then give martin a ring and get it sorted as soon as possible.

Back up and Data Recovery

Back up and Data Recovery

How long have you been saving files, photographs, and emails on your computer? If your hard drive failed would you be able to recover them?

There are many different ways to back up your data to ensure you don't lose it all. Martin will happily help you find the right solution for you and make sure it is working exactly as it should.

If it is too late and your hard drive isn't working at all it might not be too late. There are a number of different ways of getting information from computers when they aren't working properly and Martin is an expert. If you think you might have lost your precious files then give him a ring. You might be surprised at what he can do!

Whatever the issue is, Martin can help you fix it. Give him a ring and discuss how he can help you.

07533 364953

Previous Jobs

Mrs A lives in Haslemere and had an old computer running Windows XP. Her printer had died and so she had bought a replacement from a national chain. They'd assured her it would work with her computer, but when she got it home it didn't work at all. It turned out that the drivers on her computer were out of date and so it couldn't install the printer drivers. It was important to her for her computer not to be online, so Martin downloaded the correct drivers onto a laptop, and transferred them manually to her computer. Once installed the printer worked perfectly. All in less than an hour.

Mr M runs a small business based out of Grayshott. The main admin computer had reached the end of its useful life and needed replacing. He ordered a suitable machine online and Martin set it up in the office, installed all the necessary software, transferred across all the files and documents from the old computer and made sure the office email worked as it should. He then spent some time working with the admin assistant in order to make sure she was fully able to use the new machine.

Mr O's computer stopped working and wouldn't boot when he switched it on. There were a lot of documents and photographs he wanted to try to save so he rang Martin who visited his house in Liphook. Using a Linux recovery system Martin managed to extract almost all of the files, and when Mr O replaced his computer, Martin set up an automatic back up system to prevent it from happening again.

Towns Covered

Arlesford, Alton, Beacon Hill, Bordon, Bramshott, Churt, Chiddingfold, Dockenfield, Elstead, Farnham, Fernhurst, Frensham, Godalming, Grayshott, Grayswood, Guildford, Haslemere, Headley, Hindhead, Liphook, Lindford, Liss, Milford, Midhurst, Petersfield, Petworth, Rake, Rowledge, Selbourne, Witley, Whitehill

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